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My Business Space Onboarding

Thank you so much for partnering with My Business Space, where success is created.

We are super excited to make a home for your business!


Step 1

Required Next Step: Fill out Form 1583

A Notary is not required. You do not need document notarized to submit.

****Please click the link above to obtain/complete Form 1583, which needs to be completed for your Professional Business Address of 7424 Washington Avenue, Suite F, Pittsburgh PA 15218.***

Step 2

Please email a clear photo of your ID to

Please make sure to update your new Professional Business Address with all who need it.

Your address is available for use starting TODAY!


Your recurring payment will be processed 30 days from your initial enrollment date.

Whenever you want to cancel your services, please change your address with the Department of State, the IRS and the United States postal service first.


If you do not change your address, your bank account will continue to be charged.


Once the address(s) is reflecting a new address other than 7424 Washington Avenue, Suite F, Pittsburgh PA 15218, then the recurring payments will stop.


As long as your company address is reflecting 7424 Washington Avenue, Suite F, the payment is still due.

If you agree with everything in the email including giving us permission to process payments on your behalf every month, please respond to this email with YES.


Also please register your account for your LLC at if you haven't done so already.


CONGRATULATIONS and again Welcome to My Business Space!

Much Love, 

Saloam Bey

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